Notes on the spy game

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We just had parent teacher conferences and one of the students who came with her mother made a special point of showing what we are doing with the spy game. So this is a good time to talk a little about what’s happened so far. In Algebra 2, the students are collecting XP towards leveling up their 1930’s spy avatars.

The story so far

Students created their avatars with combat, stealth and technical skills. They divided 30 points among strength, dexterity, stamina, perception, and charisma. They also picked a art skill (Antiquities, Old Masters, 18th and 19th century art, Modern Art, and Tribal & Indigenous Art). I made some collector cards (from the period) and each student got one. Why an art skill? This is their cover, that they are working as art consultants, based in London. They were told that someone was trying to steal British naval secrets.

Chaotic storytelling

I read about this solution to the problem of the GM having to dump a lot of story and details on the players, namely, giving the players multiple pieces that they actively piece together to create the story. This aims to bring the student/players more in to the story. So I made little cards that had some of the background and distributed them to the students. The students read them and discussed them. I told them they would receive “mission points” based on their engagement (very valuable to have later on). Then I started weaving clues in different places in the class (more later).


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What works so far Problems and possible fixes

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