What works so far

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  1. The XP system motivates the students – Students see the updated leaderboard each day and see the results of their completion of assignments and successful mastery of concept quizzes. When they reach certain milestones and level up, they get an item for their avatar and they can improve their skills or player traits. Since the levels are easy to achieve at first then require more XP, weaker students are also leveling up.
  2. Students have a different attitude to the class – Because I push the line between game and class, students pay attention to changes in the classroom environment. What new clue is there somewhere in the classroom? How does this assignment possibly relate to goals in the game?
  3. The game gives opportunities for situated learning – Like Jasper Woodbury, when students are engaged in a story, a drama, then the problem solving takes on a different meaning for the students.  Not always, but often enough, I see a sense of ocus on solving an applied math problem that connects to the pirate story or the espionage narrative.
  4. The teacher really looks at the material and is better motivated – Like other teachers, I seem to have a million tasks involved with teaching. But figuring out new items, new artifacts, new puzzles motivates me. Is anyone researching what motivates teachers to teach well? At least I have a different answer to “when will we ever use this?’

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